Savanna Hershmann

Year: Trinity ’17
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Position: Shadow Leader

Likes: Teapots, air conditioning, chocolate, drag queens, stilettos, drag queens in stilettos, Mean Girls

Dislikes: Pet names, couples that go out in matching clothing, cats, actual mean girls

Savanna grew up in the hills of North Royalton, a small town geographically nestled in between the gates of hell and the streets of Cleveland. Fighting crime was just one of her many hobbies, but living life as an unappreciated hero took its toll. Having a fan base of 1 (her mother), Savanna resented the popularity of Batman and other super heroes who’s career’s were, in her words, “lame,” and paled in comparison.


Susan Lang

Year: Trinity ’17
Hometown: Los Altos, California
Position: Stunt Coordinator

Likes: Socks, dairy products, living dangerously, ironically poor spelling

Dislikes: Laugh tracks, small enclosed spaces, fish, genuinely poor spelling

Described as “the adorkable girl next door” by no one ever, Susan enjoys making people uncomfortable. One time in high school she was a crazy cat lady for Halloween and everyone asked her why she didn’t dress up. In her spare time she can usually be found macking dudes up, backing coupes up, and chucking the deuce up.

Joe Timko


Year: Pratt ’17
Hometown: Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Position: Sixth Man

Likes: Carlos Danger, Draft-dodging, YOLO, and reminiscing about the glory days with Bruce Springsteen

Dislikes: The National Debt, feeling 22, Gender Fluidity, Rex Ryan’s foot fetish

Joe was born in small log cabin in the woods of Illinois.  At the age of six he chopped down his father’s favorite apple tree with his hatchet, so naturally rather than own up to the crime Joe ran away and lived with the Sioux in North Dakota for ten years.  By sixteen,Joe felt the call to raft all the way out to a land of opportunity, New Jersey.  For the next two years Joe worked on passing the New Deal, Guido eugenics, and surviving Hurricane Sandy.  Eager to start his time at Duke, who knows what will come next.

Melissa Carrico

Year: Trinity ’18
Hometown: Durham, North Carolina
Position: Chief Chef

Likes: Pigs, Ham, Lobsters
Dislikes: Peanuts

Melissa Carrico is a Durham native.  She loves food and strongly encourages you to eat at as many locally owned restaurants as you can when visiting Durham.  She studied theater at Durham School of the Arts before coming to Duke and having the great, wonderful, honor of becoming a cast member of Duke University Improv.  She is majoring in Visual Media Studies with a Minor in Theater Studies and a Certificate in Documentary Studies.  If you catch her in a show you are likely to hear a wide variety of accents, most of those being different dialects from Eastern Kentucky.

Camille Hayward

Year: Trinity ’18
Hometown: Tallahassee, Florida
Position: Trashcan Man

Likes: chocolate, pizza crust, Instagram cookie decorating videos, singing sentences

Dislikes: physics, the sound styrofoam makes

Camille is from Tallahassee, Florida (the hick part of FL, like boiled peanuts and stuff). She has done way too many musicals and often Charlestons her way out of awkward situations. She also can make a cool face where her eyes cross halfway.

Michael Gattas

Year: Trinity ’18
Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Position: Partner, CPA CFA MBA CGMA

Likes: Kanye West, Cool pillows, Game of Thrones theories, Lying to his mom, Scents

Dislikes: Student debt, Sweat, Sleep deprivation, Odors

Upon birth, Michael is a cis-hetero-patriarchal Financial Economics major from Memphis, TN. Self-identified, Michael is middle-aged female Hawaiian astronaut. He resents the white-cis-hetero-patriarchy, and has a daily iPhone 6 Plus reminder to check his goddamn privilege. He is fascinated in global capital equity debt-leveraged buyout markets, with a focus on private venture capital sales and trading within entrepreneurial investment banking and proprietary discounted cash flows. If you have seen his bag recently, please tell him. He can’t find it, but thinks he may have left it in the BC last Wednesday.

Joe Squillace

Year: Trinity ’18
Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia
Position: Keeper of Keys and Grounds

Likes: Fart Butts

Dislikes: Beyonce (she’s big, right? I’m just trying to make a point, alright)

Joe is unresponsive to emails and doesn’t fulfill biography requests. He is from a really cool, small hometown, where the food is, like, really good. He loves friends, food, and fun, and is stoked to see how improv can really make a difference!

James Daubert

Year: Trinity ’19
Hometown: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Position: J.U.M.P.M.A.N.

Likes: Friars, trolling,  EDM… edm is like an ocean, Louis CK, old Kanye, new Kanye
Dislikes: Unsafe bridges, flips, Whale Wars
Hates: Poor belaying technique

James Peter Daubert loves to brew down. It’s just that simple. Just ask him about how much he loves that shit. If you haven’t tried it, you should, just hit him up and he’d definitely be down. Other than masquerading as a charming person, James enjoys spending time with his family, and eating poorly with his siblings. He’s also a middle-of-the-road improviser.

Will Fancis

Year: Trinity ’19
Hometown: Napa, California
Position: Lead Goat Boy

Likes: Fart Butts

Dislikes: Beyonce (she’s big, right? I’m just trying to make a point, alright)

Will is unresponsive to emails and doesn’t fulfill biography requests. He is from a really cool, small hometown, where the food is, like, really good. He loves friends, food, and fun, and is stoked to see how improv can really make a difference!

Julia Wohl

Year: Trinity ’19
Hometown: La Cañada, California
Position: Pouter

Likes: Sparkling water, taunting my friends

Dislikes: Being taunted

Julia Wohl understands that she is lucky to be a human and not a flatworm. For those of you who are uneducated in the details of soft-bodied invertebrates, a flatworm is a parasitic species with–get this–no body cavity. Take a moment to bask in your humanoid existence and cherish your body and all of its cavities.

Matt Harris


Year: Pratt ’20
Hometown: Roanoke, Virgina
Position: Town Fool

Likes: Burlap, holidays, dust devils, wizardry, Edward Norton

Dislikes: Times tables, intimacy, witchcraft, Mondays

On a cold, rainy day in 1998 the world was forever changed when Matt Harris emerged from his mother’s womb. While he may be lacking in charm, good looks, and quick wit, he was graced with an exceptional ability to inspire suspicion and confusion. Matt loves movies and is so excited to be a part of DUI where he can join his celebrity idols on “the big screen”.


Teig Hennessy


Year: Trinity Trinity MMXX
Hometown: Ocala, Florida
Position: Queen

Likes: sugar, spice, people without lice

Dislikes: people with lice, heavy breathing, the last Iron Man Comic (but is excited for the revamp)

Emerging from the swamps of Mid-Central Florida, Teig is what some may call a beacon of hope for his town. Due to literally being half boy half Spanish Moss, he’s usually super itchy but has always identified strongly with the natural world and plant life. He’s gassy, he’s bloated, but he’s always up for some fun and field games, especially ones that involve massive tires or sports balls being used in new and exciting ways.