What is DUI?
DUI is Duke University Improv, Duke’s preeminent improv comedy troupe. We perform weekly in dorms and at larger venues across campus as well as throughout the country.
When are auditions?
Auditions are held once every year, about two weeks into Fall Semester (typically in early September). Anybody and everybody is welcome to try out! The group does not perform rolling or mid-year auditions.
Who should audition
I’m not a theater student. Can I still audition?

Of course! Believe it or not, DUI has very few theater majors. Some of us are political science, public policy, or economics majors and even, dare we say it, Pratt students.

I’m not a freshman. Can I still audition?

Of course! Some of our finest members did not make the group until they were older. We welcome everyone to audition.

I’ve auditioned before and didn’t make the group? Can I still audition?

Of course! Some of our finest members actually tried out, didn’t make the group the first or even second time, but eventually joined the ranks of DUI.

Needed experience?
I’ve never done improv before. Can I still audition?

Of course! No experience other than life experience is necessary when improvising. Some of our finest members had zero improv or theater experience when they auditioned. If you have done improv before, that’s cool too.

Time Commitment
DUI spends a lot of time together. We’re like a family.
We perform, on average, once to twice a week as well as practice for two hours twice a week. For everyone in DUI, the group has become our top priority at Duke besides school. Expect for DUI to become a top priority for you too if you join. Expect that, and an amazing life-changing experience to your Duke years.
No preparation is required for preliminary audition rounds. We’re an improv group aren’t we? For those reaching callbacks, there will be one prepared piece but you’ll learn about that later.
1.   You’ll sign up for a thirty-minute time slot along with four or five other people for one of those days. The auditions are completely informal and a lot of fun! If you’re even slightly thinking about it, we highly recommend you audition.

2.   On the day of your audition, you’ll come in fifteen minutes early for your time slot and fill out a short information sheet. We’ll give you some quick pointers for doing well at improv. Then we’ll all warm up together and play some improv games that we’ll teach you.

3.   After the first round of auditions, we’ll email a notification of callbacks to all those called back, and inform those cut of their cuts.

4.   Callbacks will be invited to a non-evaluative workshop where we’ll get to know you and teach you more about improv.

5.   Sometime that week after callbacks, we’ll make our decision and invite the new members into DUI. Then the real fun begins.

Location & Time
Auditions will usually be held in East Duke 209 or Brody Theater, both conveniently located on East Campus. Keep an eye out for announcements on our website, Facebook page, and on campus each fall.
Size of Class
We’ve always been emphatic that we don’t pick who makes the group, you do! We will gladly take every deserving person we see at the auditions.
No Bullshit: Size of Class
Historically, DUI has taken between 1-4 people at auditions.
More Questions
I still have questions!

Great! E-mail us at DUI@duke.edu so we can answer them.